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Hand In Hand Clinics

Hand In Hand owns and operates four dental clinics in Artsakh, including a mobile clinic to reach outlying rural areas. In addition to overseeing the fiduciary responsibilities of the organizations, we also: 

  1. Supervise the clinic with regular check-ins, visits and monthly calls

  2. Set protocols and ensures the highest standards of care

  3. Provide training & education for staff

  4. Ensures each clinic has the necessary state of the art equipment 


Our clinics provide therapeutic, minor surgical and oral cavity disease prevention services on a benevolent basis, without any sex or age discrimination and operate under the same principles:

  • All services are totally free for our patients.

  • Hand In Hand is independent of ANY institution and we work only with local authorities.

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Hadrut Province

Population     13,163

Schools         25

Hadrut Province has 30 communities of which 1 is considered urban and 29 are rural.


Hadrut Dental Clinic

​Hadrut is one of the extremely remote regions of Artsakh, and thus goodwill efforts in Hadrut are highly unexpected and inspiring. In July of 2003 their second dental clinic was opened in Hadrut.

A poster stating: “Hadrut people need not worry about their dental health care any longer” announced the new clinic. 

Since 2003:

Total dental visits: 35,269

Total number of cleanings: 15,256

Hadrut Staff:

2 Dentists               

2 Assistants

1 Cleaner


Population     20,185

Schools         36

Mardakert has 43 communities. All but one are considered are rural.


Mardakert Dental Clinic

The Mardakert Dental Clinic was started in February of 2006 by Armenian Dentists Associations of Toronto, Montreal (ACMAO) and Paris (UMAF). The Mardakert Clinic employs two full-time dentists and two dental assistants. 


Since 1998:

Total visits: 24,759

Total number of cleanings: 13,765

Mardakert Staff:

2 Dentists               

2 Assistants

1 Cleaner

Martuni Province

Population     24, 300

Schools         39

Martuni Province has 35 communities. They are all rural except for the Capital Martuni. 


Martuni Dental Clinic

As the former dental clinic in Martuni became obsolete and could no longer fully serve the needs of the people, a new Martuni Regional Hospital was built to replace it.

On November 1, 2005, one doctor, one dentist, one nurse and one hospital attendant opened the doors to the new clinic.  Complete with a reception area, pre-op rooms and operatory rooms, the gleaming snow-white facility was a sight to see!

Since 2005:

Total dental visits: 58,651

Total number of cleanings: 12,573

Hadrut Staff:

2 Dentists               

2 Assistants

1 Cleaner

Sushi Province

Population     5,599

Schools         8

Sushi Province has 7 communities. They are all rural except for one.

Mobile clinic (3)_edited.jpg

Shushi Dental Clinic

Historical Shushi was the site of the first free dental clinic.  In this place where the former educational and scientific center sat in ruins, a new beginning in dental health care began!

The clinic provides dental Shushi region along with patients from Stepanakert.

Since 2003:

Total dental visits: 52,130

Total number of cleanings: 19,796

Hadrut Staff:

2 Dentists               

2 Assistants

1 Cleaner

Mobile Clinic 2019_edited.jpg
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